BTPCoin Team
Let us introduce you to the team that will make it all happen.
John Lupak
The mastermind architect of “Btpcoin” technology. He has a gigantic experience as Vice President of Development at “Adform”: global digital advertising company. He is an engineering star who led a 300+ team of engineers to create the scalable Adform technology that is now used globally. With a degree in computer science, John is recognized as one of the thought leaders in “Agile” software development philosophy and runs one of the most read “Agile” blogs in the world called “Agile Mindstorm”. It is notable, that John left “Adform” after 9 years of excellent work to co-found “Btpcoin”.
Audrey Herlein
Payments lead
A major name in the payments industry. A former executive at PayPal. Audrey was the General Manager of Mobile at PayPal where he played an instrumental role in establishing PayPal as a player in mobile payments. Under Audrey’s leadership, PayPal’s mobile payment business saw a growth from $7M of payment volume in 2008 to $4+ billion in 2011. During the past two decades, he has established a reputation throughout the industry as a results-oriented leader. Audrey has 20+ years of experience in global payment and security systems and 6 years with CEO/CFO and founder experience including successful fundraising.
RodAudreyk Ross
Sales and Merchant Acquisition lead
An accomplished FinTech sales and BD executive. Former VP Sales/Head of Business Development for Braintree Payments in Europe, hired as their first international employee. As part of the Braintree/Venmo team, he helped to grow the company to $12 Billion in overall payments volume and $4 Billion in mobile payments volume annually, until its eventual sale to PayPal in 2013 for $800 Million. 8+ years working for major names in the payments space, including GlobalCollect and PayPal. More recently, leveraging his strong international network in the industry, Roderick has been advising large international merchants to streamline their payments platforms at Opus Capital.
Angela Chadwick
Decentralised Trust and Reputation lead
Dr. Angela Chadwick has published internationally more than 100 scientific papers on computational trust and online reputation management (ORM). With a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin in 2005, Angela has managed several EU-funded multi-million R&D e-reputation projects at the University of Geneva. In 2016, she has obtained a Google Award for Excellent Research in Academia. She has advised companies like “Philips”, “Amazon”, “Thales” and “Swissquote”. Since 2016, Angela has started to apply online reputation management to the fintech world as Chief Reputation Officer of “GLOBCOIN” and as a member of the ITU standardization groups on trust and digital currency including digital fiat currency.

George Gregory
Justas is a Lithuanian entrepreneur who has previously founded successful companies in IT and robotics. He was awarded a government scholarship for his education in IIT (illinois Institute of Technology). In 2010, Justas Pikelis founded the established marketing and business consulting company “G4”. With his main competencies in digital marketing, social media marketing, product advertising and branding, he was able to attract well known international clients in France, United States, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries. Justas’s marketing knowledge of financial technologies and the blockchain led him to co-found “Btpcoin”.

Walter Gregory
Former founding CEO of a digital outdoor advertising company which raised more then EUR 300k from Venture Capital firms. Experience in building products and leading teams towards goal execution. With an enormous interest in blockchain and financial technologies he has an experience in investing into crypto ICOs. It is noteworthy that Laurynas (Wowtto CEO) and John (Wowtto CTO) co-founded “Wowtto” and have a history of working together in a team.
Cindy Halbert
Engineering lead
Jack of all trades. The right hand of John. Ten years of experience designing and implementing software solutions. His primary expertise is in: B2B Ecommerce, Blockchain based systems development, data driven applications and document management applications. Bridging the gap between technical solutions and business. Participated as a technical consultant in startups like "Wobble" and "Wowtto". Helped design and build scalable, durable and cost optimized solutions covering mobile, front-end and back-end tracks.
Shamus Cromarty
Principal Ethereum Engineer
An experienced smart contract developer, Alex has worked with Btpcoin’s CTO John Ruckij as a back-end software engineer for a leading digital advertising company “Adform”. One of the biggest achievements in Alex’s career was being hired by IBM to work on a blockchain technology project in Kenya. The talented Ethereum blockchain developer graduated from Belarusian State University, where he earned his BS in Computer Science. For his graduation diploma, he built a ÐAPP for electronic voting in universities. Aliaksandr has also passed multiple courses in designing, implementing, and analyzing distributed algorithms.