Here’s how it works

Encrypted transactions are initiated and accepted peer to peer. There is no financial middleman or bank that establishes trust between the parties. Instead, trust is established through the decentralized distributed ledger that is visible to anyone within the network.

When a transaction is initiated, this worldwide network of computers race to validate the transaction by solving complex algorithms. When the network reaches consensus that the digital ledger reflects that the transferring party actually has the asset to transfer, the transaction is validated and executed. And the digital ledger is updated, simultaneously, across the network. Anyone with the necessary computer power can participate in the verification process (aka become a network “node”).

The network is able to validate, timestamp and clear a transaction instantly because that activity happens immediately within the digital ledger itself, not between institutions. After the transaction is cleared, the network cryptographically links it to the prior transaction and publishes them in blocks. Each block is linked to the previous block and so an immutable chain is established. (Hence, the name blockchain technology.) No information in a block can be altered without changing all of the blocks prior to it, making it virtually impossible to hack.

The protocols of blockchain technology ensure immutable trust. Security is guaranteed through encrypted transactions that are pseudonymous and sealed into blocks. Transparency is ensured through the open, public decentralized ledger that anyone can view. Authenticity and credibility are established through a permanent, unalterable record of events.

The transaction request is sent to every node in the network.

The nodes reach consensus that Jenny has the $100. The transaction is approved.

The money moves on the digital ledger and the transaction is sealed into a block

The block is cryptographically and permanently linked to the previous blocks of transactions.

Generally up to 5x cheaper
Traditional payment gateways take up to 15 different type of fees. With a transaction fee ranging from 2% to 6%. By using the Ethereum blockchain, BTP Coin will have a single step and one fee only: a transaction fee of 1.5%.
Amount of money left after 10$ transaction
Up to x10.000 faster
Most people are unaware of just how many stages there are in a single VISA or Mastercard transaction. An accepted transaction is only the beginning of a long sequence of intermediary transfers before it lands in the merchant's bank account days or weeks later. Time is money, which is why BTP Coin transacts in a matter of seconds. No intermediaries. Just you and the customer.
Transaction time
Decentralized trust and reputation
By using the Ethereum blockchain, BTP Coin will make commerce transparent and trustful. BTP Coin’s Decentralized Trust and Reputation System is minimizing the possibility of an unreliable commerce for both the merchant and the client.
Payments have never been so fast
Traditional payment systems require up to 16 different steps to settle just one transaction, which carries high fees. With the presence of a blockchain technology, this is now unnecessarily complex. BTP Coin replaces it with just one step and one fee.

The customer presents the credit card. This can happen in-store, online or via mobile.
The amount is transmitted to the payment processing service provider.
The payment Processing Service Provider forwards the information to the Card association (Visa/MC)
The association sends a request to the issuing bank.

The credit card will be approved and the merchant will receive an authorization or it will be declined.
The provider forwards a response to the Merchant.
Visa/Mastercard sends the response to the Provider.
The issuing bank approves or declines the transaction.

8 more steps to settle the transaction
2 min
Only 1 step
No banks or extra intermediaries. Just you and the merchant. Both with the ability to execute a trustful transaction.

Timeline of our vision into a new reality

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Month 11 2017
Month 11 -Month 12 2017
Official ICO
Month 01 2018
Integration with electronic currency conversion
Month 02 2018
Integrated e-wallet on the platform for the application of the user (influencers)
Month 03 2018
Integrate BTP Coin and application into payment at BTP for influencers
Month 04 2018
Advertising campaigns and scale education for influencers in 15 big countries
Month 05 2018
Integrate the payment of brands with BTP coins and functions Pay-With-Fame; At the same time, it strengthens the partnership with customers row
Month 06 2018
Expanded advertising and education for influencers in 30 major countries
Month 06 2018
Expand advertising and education campaigns for local brands with Pay-With-Fame
Month 07 2018
Introduce process tokenize influencers and award system
Month 09 2018
Expanded advertising campaigns and advocates for influencers in 45 major countries
Month 10 2018
Introduce the Btp score for brands / brands based on tokenization
End 2018
Distribute prepaid cards with payments by Btp Coins for influencers